Motorola Two-Way Business Radio Line-Up

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Motorola Business Two-Way Radios: The communications tools your customers need and the profit opportunity you seek.

Increasing Productivity

It’s the #1 reason your customers purchase business two-way radios. And when it comes to driving efficiency and productivity, Motorola radios are the communication solution your customers need.


Motorola Business Two-Way Radios are the gateway to a tremendous, untapped market and an exciting opportunity to generate sales that are incremental, profitable and repeatable. Our products drive higher productivity for your customers and higher profits for you. In addition to excellent profit margins, Motorola radios offer endless add-on sales with our complete line of accessories. There’s never been a better time to team up with Motorola to serve your business customers. Motorola stands for over 80 years of innovation and quality, and that’s why companies in virtually every industry group choose Motorola Business Two-Way Radios. Once YOUR customers experience the benefits of two-way radios, they’ll be back for more.

Reasons to sell Motorola Two-Way Radios?

  • You have built-in demand with existing customers
  • Motorola sales are easy and profitable
  • Motorola’s national advertising increases demand
  • Motorola Radios are simple to use, made for business use, and have no fees for you or your customers to worry about

Motorola Marketing Research Shows…

  • Users prefer to purchase Motorola two-way radios from existing industry suppliers
  • 85% of business on-site two-way radios are sold by commercial and industrial resellers
  • 80% of buyers purchase additional radios within 12 months
  • Brand reputation is the #1 factor influencing the purchase of two-way radios for business and Motorola is #1 in Brand reputation
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Let the strength of the Motorola brand work for you.

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