Motorola Promotions

Periodically, Motorola Solutions runs End-User Promotions for its business two-way radios, offering free products and/or cash rebates to its customers. Camera-ready artwork for each promotion is available as fliers, post cards and web banners, and customization options are available as well.

Below is our most recent promotion (offer valid September 1, 2017–December 31, 2017).
Click image below to view or download a lo-res PDF (72 dpi) of MEI’s Fall 2017 Promotional Flier.

Motorola Q4-17 Promotion


CLICK ON FLIER THUMBNAIL (above) to download a print-ready PDF of MEI’s Q4-17 Promotional Flier.


Customizable, print-ready PDFsDOWNLOAD customizable, print-ready PDFs for Motorola’s Fall 2017 Promotion Collateral using the links below:
Fall 2017 Promo Flier;
Fall 2017 Promo Post Card;
Fall 2017 Promo Web Banner.