Motorola Promotions

Periodically, Motorola Solutions runs End-User Promotions for its business two-way radios, offering free products and/or cash rebates to its customers. Camera-ready artwork for each promotion is available as fliers, post cards and web banners, and customization options are available as well.

Below is our most recent promotion (offer valid March 1 – June 3o, 2017).
Click image below to view or download a PDF:

Motorola Q2-17 Promotion


CLICK ON FLIER THUMBNAIL (above) to download a print-ready PDF of MEI’s Q2-17 Promotional Flier.


Customizable, print-ready PDFsDOWNLOAD customizable, print-ready PDFs for Motorola’s Q2-17 Promotion Collateral using the links below:
Spring 2017 Promo Flier
Spring 2017 Promo Post Card
Spring 2017 Promo Web Banner