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Motorola RM Series Business Two-Way Radio

Built tough, to do business better


RMV2080 RMU2040 RMU2080 RMU2080d

Empower your team with a faster way to communicate. Motorola’s RM Series on-site two-way business radios help you communicate instantly, without missing a beat. With crisp, clear audio throughout the workplace and exceptional durability, these radios won’t quit in high noise, harsh conditions, or high use. Whether you’re coordinating resources at the construction site or on the manufacturing line, Motorola’s RM Series two-way radios are tested to last.

The RM Series meet Military 810 C, D, E, F, G and IP54/55 specifications so they won’t quit in high noise or harsh conditions. All RM series radios have 2 watts of power and operate on 89 UHF or 27 VHF business-exclusive frequencies with 122 codes, same as the RDX series radios. Other features include: NOAA Weather Radio with Alerts – dedicate a channel to monitoring weather and be automatically notified when there is an alert (8 channel models); Channel Announcements – audibly
announces the channel selected; Voice Prompts – for easy programming; Advanced Voice Activation (VOX) – hands-free operation with optional accessories; Antimicrobial Coating – helps prevent the growth of mold and germs on the surface of the radio; Long Battery Life – up to 15 hours; scan, manager lock, cloning capability, power select, and more.

Compatibility – the RM Series is compatible with the Motorola RDX Series, CLS Series and other radios operating on the same frequencies and codes.

Each RM two-way radio includes: 2100 mAh 3.7V Lithium Ion rechargeable battery, drop-in charging tray w/power adapter, swivel belt holster with 3.5” spring clip, and quick reference guide.

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Model Frequency/Power/
No. of Channels
Additional Features Range
Indoors (up to)
Range in
Warehouse (up to)
RMV2080 VHF, 2 Watt, 8 Ch. NOAA Weather Radio Alerts, Channel Announcement 10 FL 220,000 SQ FT $245
RMU2040 UHF, 2 Watt, 4 Ch. Channel Announcement 20 FL 250,000 SQ FT $245
RMU2080 UHF, 2 Watt, 8 Ch. NOAA Weather Radio Alerts, Channel Announcement 20 FL 250,000 SQ FT $290
RMU2080d UHF, 2 Watt, 8 Ch. NOAA Weather Radio Alerts, Tri Color LED Display,
Front Panel Buttons
20 FL 250,000 SQ FT $310
> RM Series: typically used in construction, manufacturing, property management, education, hospitality and retail industries.


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