Motorola Two-Way Radio Solutions for Hospitality

In the hospitality industry, details count.

Rooms must be spotless and services need to be delivered quickly and accurately. Motorola Business Two-Way Radios can ensure that your Hotel, Motel and Resort customers provide superior service on a consistent basis.

Benefits for Hotels, Motels and Resorts:
  • Increases overall customer service and satisfaction
  • Improves coordination when a disturbance, accident or emergency occurs
  • Increases maintenance productivity
  • Keeps crowds under control during conventions
  • Alerts security to a potentially dangerous or suspicious situation
  • Improves communication among valet parking attendants for increased efficiency
  • Allows poolside services to communicate with interior building services
  • Accesses grounds crews more efficiently
Front Desk
Valet Parking
Room Service
Convention Facility Staff
Motorola Business
Two-Way Radio Series
for Hotels, Motels
and Resorts:

CLP Series
CLS Series
DTR Series

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Spec Sheet:
Radio Series
for Hotels, Motels
and Resorts

Spec Sheet: Hotels, Motels and Resorts (PDF)




Market Brief:
On Hospitality
Market Brief, Hospitality (PDF)

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